Asym's Daily Graphics Challenge


Self-promotional render. Nothing to do with VANS official. Anyway I do like this brand.

Taking UCLA summer school and discovering LA !!


Speed modelling practice of Pioneer HDJ-2000.

And a bit fun with making GIF.


I tried a little funny stuff in 3D. And my gif can loop now.


It has been so long since my last 3D render.

Summer is finally here.


Here is the breakdown of the matte painting I did for the track cover of “LOST AT SEA”.

/….uploading gifs finally works…../

Here is the bandcamp link of my new track. Tell me what you think :)

(via asym93)

Here is a new track I finished recently. Tell me what you think :)

Color experiments.

A commission I finished this month.


TechsonMedia title sequnce from Asym on Vimeo.

Techson Media is a film technology, production and post production company based in Beijing, China. They reached me 2 weeks ago and demanded for an intro title sequence.
The initial concept is creating transformations of the company’s logo, and then delivering the image of the company through these transformations.

My role: Concept/Motion Design/Sound Design


Having fun programming.

All generated by code.


I need a pause. Being a little busy with school, so I have to put my daily-graphics project on hold.

Will be back with new projects in the middle of April.

//A mixture of photographs I shot this winter in both Shanghai and Beijing.